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  1. Thank-you for highlighting this lady’s work. I too heard about this on Woman’s Hour!
    It’s a crying shame that this has been ignored and passed over for too long! Had a quick search online and found some more info about the Ropes, here:
    Also, try the local Records Office; the Shropshire Archives in the Shirehall.
    Particularly if the Ropes are a Catholic family then the Catholic Archives may prove useful, or maybe Catholic diocesan records:
    All the best with research …


  2. Does anyone have any information about “The Welle of Love” window, currently in the Los Angeles Art Museum ? Said to have been based on the Chaucer poem of the same name
    Thanks in advance for any assistance with this enquiry.
    gary brayne


  3. Congratulations on this wonderful endeavor!
    As a scholar whose work focuses on Medieval English nuns who are continually marginalized and forgotten, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your efforts.
    Marilyn Oliva


  4. Do you know anything about a painting of St Francis – which might be by one of the Rope family -, which was done on the outside wall of a shed in the woods at Kesgrave, Suffolk please?
    I am not sure if it is still there but I saw it several years ago.
    Viola Reade


  5. It would be good to be able to purchase Christmas cards and blank greeting cards showing Margaret’s work. I visited the Shrewsbury exhibition and have been stunned by the beauty of her work.

    Hi Declan. Shrewsbury Cathedral now has a range of Margaret Rope cards, on sale in its visitor shop.


    • There are some cards of the work of Ellen Rope (Marga’s aunt) in St. Peter’s Church, Blaxhall, and there are several examples of work by Rope family members in the church, including a fine East window by Margaret Agnes Rope herself.
      Viola Reade


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