Welcome to the Margaret Agnes Rope Awareness Project News.  This website seeks to enhance the reputation of Margaret Agnes Rope with our continuing series of articles.
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Our project supported the Margaret Rope Retrospective Exhibition – which ran in Shrewsbury for four months between September 2016 and mid January 2017.

Noah's Ark - M Rope‘Marga’ was one of the great ‘Later Arts & Crafts Movement’ stained-glass artists, her main career being from 1910-1935.
Her works can be seen in churches across three continents, and in museums in America.
She was born in Shrewsbury in 1882; and worked in London from 1911-1923, before spending the rest of her life in a convent.

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Sadly, Marga is largely forgotten – not only in art history, but even in her home-town of Shrewsbury (see Neglected By History).
However, slowly, slowly, a few enthusiasts are managing to raise her profile, and to try to get her reputation restored.

West Window Shrewsbury Cathedral
West Window in Shrewsbury Cathedral (photo: A Rope)

This website will keep you across the campaign to restore her work and reputation to the pre-eminence it deserves.

Margaret Agnes Rope Appreciation Group

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