New book raises hope

UPDATE:  Be aware that this post was written in 2014. Since then, Peter’s book has been published, and another museum has highlighted Marga’s work


One light in the tunnel (if not at its end) is the fact that the art historian Peter Cormack is publishing his definitive opus next year.  The publishers, The Yale University Press, say they hope to have his ‘Arts & Crafts Stained Glass’ book on sale by August.
The good news is that we know for sure is that it will mention Margaret’s work.

Arts & Crafts book cover
The cover of Peter’s forthcoming book

Peter Cormack is the only curator (that I am aware of) who has ever included any of Marga’s work in a public gallery.  When he was Keeper of the William Morris Gallery in London, he put on there the ‘Women Stained Glass Artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement’ show (in 1985) featuring among others Marga’s work, especially a number of drawings and sketches known to have been by her.
As well as featuring Marga Rope, the show also profiled Joan Fulleylove  and Wilhelmina Geddes and more.

Peter’s new book clearly builds on a lifetime of interest in the art of the period.  However his knowledge is not just academic; he is Vice-President of the British Society of Master Glass-Painters, so he mixes with practitioners too.

Many many people will be looking forward to this new publication – not least the people such as us who want – and hope – to see Marga’s name more widely talked about.

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