▪ Thank you to St Mary’s

Slowly, things are moving along.
The aim of us on this website is to increase Margaret Rope’s profile, not only her place in art history but also among the people of her home town of Shrewsbury.

In Shrewsbury, there is virtually nothing you can find to mark the fact that she is the finest artist to have come out of the area (except at the Catholic cathedral, of course).

However, the guides at St Mary’s, the ancient parish church in the centre of town now run by the Churches Conservation Trust, have taken up the challenge, and placed two permanent notices in the church for visitors to read.
One notice is by the war memorial, and the notice in the photo below is in the Trinity Chapel.  The altar-front designed by Margaret is in the Trinity Chapel.

Margaret Rope notice in St Mary's
Margaret Rope notice in St Mary’s

To St Mary’s guides, we say a big thank-you!

One thought on “▪ Thank you to St Mary’s

  1. A bit misleading to call her a “glass maker”! She created stained-glass panels for church (and other) windows. You couldn’t call her a window-maker either.
    Best to say “stained-glass artist”, I think.


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