▪Shrewsbury map omission

There is a delightful and very old-fashioned second-hand bookshop in Shrewsbury called Candle Lane Books.  It is just a few doors down from the museum.
It is heaped high with piles of old books, and the rickety narrow staircase up to the ancient small first-floor rooms is an experience in itself.
But there are hidden treasures to be found there; and usually there are even some to suit the least well-off of pockets.

What to see in Shrewsbury (or not)

'What to See in Shrewsbury' map, 1950sI picked up an old town-guide map there: no date on it, but I’d guess the 1950s.
It was produced apparently by the then borough council’s ‘Attractions & Publicity Committee’, and entitled What To See, being a sort of town-trail for Shrewsbury.

Immediately, I opened it up, being curious to see what it would say about Margaret Rope’s windows in the cathedral – surely a major contribution to the town’s visual attractions.
(Although, in fact, sadly, experience has taught me to be pessimistic about finding Marga references – see ‘Neglected‘).

Of course, what I saw about Margaret Rope was …. nothing. Nothing about the cathedral at all in fact!
Although the town’s other major churches are mentioned.

'What to See in Shrewsbury' map detail, 1950s
What… not … to See in Shrewsbury. The Cathedral, on Town Walls, is simply omitted from this map

For some strange reason, Shrewsbury has almost never been able to promote, or even acknowledge, this major artist, despite the fact that she was born and lived in this town for thirty years.

We shall see if things change in the next twelve months.

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