▪ Heavenly Lights Exhibition – on film!

A new short-film depicting the 2016 Margaret Rope Retrospective Exhibition is now on release. Conceived and completed by professional cameraman & film-maker Geoff Ward, it is an amazing profile of a great exhibition.
Accompanying the film is a dazzling and original soundtrack created by the Greek composer Maria Boua.


The film, only three minutes in length, is a condensed idea of what it was like to walk through the Heavenly Lights Exhibition.
It is a work of art in its own right, with speeded-up sections (giving an impression of a visitor passing from exhibit to exhibit) to slowed-down sections (which give a feel of the visitor focussing on one artefact); a wonderful interpretation of the exhibition, but a tribute too.

Margaret Rope Exhibition – film by Geoff Ward, music by Maria Boua

For those who were fortunate enough to get to Shrewsbury Museum to see the exhibition, it will act as a reminder; to those who did not, it gives a real flavour of what it was.


The maker, Geoff Ward, gave his talent to the project having been impressed by the works he saw by Margaret Rope – many thanks to him.
Maria Boua too needed no urging to get involved – many thanks to her too. The dreamy, Debussy-like music she has composed – titled ‘Into The Pachna’ – gives an elegiac, authoritative tone to the film. It’s a fairly recent work by her, having been only recorded in 2010.


One real advantage of having such a recording is that it can now be placed with official archive offices, so that future generations will be able to ‘see’ the exhibition too.  It is extremel unlikely that this collection will ever be re-assembled in one place again.

Copies of the original DVD are being passed on to archives across the UK.
To accompany the film, we also hope to publish the catalogue of exhibits soon. Watch this space…

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