▪Wikipedia – at last

Arthur Rope is the author of the definitive website about Marga, and one wouldn’t have thought any extra web presence would be necessary.
However, nowadays, a certain ‘respectability’ is gained if a subject has a Wikipedia entry; and it has been a source of irritation that there was not one before now.

However, Arthur has stepped into the breach, and written the entry himself – and what a terrific job it is!
As with all the best Wikipedia entries, it is concise but factual, and is well laid out.  It lists many of her main works, and has photos of many too.

It’s another step on the way towards a fair recognition of Marga’s achievements.

See:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Agnes_Rope

One thought on “▪Wikipedia – at last

  1. A bit more about the Wikipedia entries – plural!
    Her cousin Margaret Edith Rope also has a page now and I’ve provided a disambiguation page helping people get to the Margaret Rope entry they want.
    I’m adding images too, but they can only be ones I’ve taken (for copyright reasons). However, other photographers are welcome to add their own – to the Gallery section towards the end of each entry.


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