▪ Margaret Rope exhibition for Shrewsbury

What better news could there be than this?

The authorities at Shrewsbury Museum have listened to our requests, and will be putting on an exhibition – about the life and times of Marga – in the Autumn and Winter of next year (2016).
Well done to them for listening!

Shrewsbury Museum at night
Shrewsbury Museum at night

It is terrific news, because at last the work of this undervalued artist will get the exposure it needs.
Not only will the residents of Shrewsbury get a chance to realise what a genius once lived in their midst, but, if all goes well, the rest of the country will find out too.
It’s hoped that the exhibition, which will run from 12th September 2016 to 15th January 2017, will attract enthusiasts from far and wide.


The main difficulty in any putative exhibition about Marga’s work is that nearly all of her work is fixed into the stone structures of churches all over the world!  Those beautiful windows simply can’t be moved.

So… now it is fervently hoped that collectors, curators and archivists will come forward with the smaller pieces that they hold – including documents and photos -, and offer them for loan.

For the next few months, volunteers from Shrewsbury Museum will be scouring the UK (and the world) to see what items can be borrowed to make this exhibition the roaring success it deserves to be.

3 thoughts on “▪ Margaret Rope exhibition for Shrewsbury

  1. I’m very happy to see more interest it this most excellent of stained glass artists.
    I wrote my MA dissertation (York) on her life and work and would more than happy to assist in any way. Just send me an email.
    Marian Crenshaw Austin

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    • Having seen the dissertation, I can give my view that Marian’s research into Margaret has been really deep, thoughtful and perceptive: an excellent person to have on side!


  2. I am delighted to have been chosen as a stained glass artist to create a permanent stained glass artwork for the museum at the time of Margaret Rope’s exhibition.
    Nathalie Hildegarde Liege (www.couleurlive.com)


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