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Welcome to this page of news. Here we have outlined a timeline of the major moments in the last forty years when the profile of Margaret’s work was raised a lttle higher.
As you’ll know if you read this website’s bulletins regularly, art-historians (with some honourable exceptions) have virtually ignored Margaret’s work (see ‘The Neglected Margaret Rope’). It has been an ongoing struggle to establish for her work the reputation it deserves. However, this timeline indicates that matters are not as bad as they were, and may even be improving.
The timeline works backwards, back to the 1980s.

…..2022 Events to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Margaret Rope’s birth….?

# 2020 Shrewsbury’s historic Loggerheads Pub puts Margaret into its Shrewsbury Hall Of Fame display
# 2019 Arthur Rope produces a new book – ‘Margaret Rope of Leiston’ about Marga’s cousin, Margaret Aldrich Rope, and also amalgates his two books into one as ‘The Two Margarets’
# 2019 Stained-glass artist Nathalie Liege creates a tribute in glass to Margaret Rope; and it is bought by Shrewsbury Museum
# 2019 A suitcase, full of Margaret Rope papers covering the years 1920-1940, is donated to the new Margaret Rope Archive
# 2019 Shrewsbury Civic Society erects a blue plaque to honour Margaret on the house where she grew up (which is now within the Shrewsbury College complex)

Byron Grainger-Jones (Shrewsbury Civic Society) cuts the ribbon
Byron Grainger-Jones (Shrewsbury Civic Society) cuts the ribbon to unveil the blue plaque

# 2018 Margaret is featured in the Ten Extraordinary Women exhibtion
# 2018 Arthur Rope gives a lecture on Marga at the National Stained-Glass Museum
# 2017 Arthur Rope, Roger Hall & Tatiana Schenk start to design and compile a database & catalogue of the Rope papers
# 2017 Almost all the documents from Birmingham’s Margaret Agnes Rope Collection are removed from its archive to be newly stored at a custom-made space in Suffolk. A group of Rope enthusiasts are recruited to undertake research
# 2017 Roger Hall starts his series of articles on ‘deep’ interpretations of a number of Margaret’s windows – they are published on the Margaret Rope Works website.
# 2016 A Margaret Rope work is rediscovered in Hertfordshire
# 2016 The Margaret Rope Exhibition, named Heavenly Lights, runs at Shrewsbury Museum from September 2016 to January 2017. Shrewsbury Cathedral stays open four hours a day for the duration to allow visitors to see the building’s seven Margaret Rope windows.

Caroline Swash
Art-historian Caroline Swash visited the Margaret Rope exhibition

A number of complementary activities are held across the town, including lectures by art-historians Clare Fitzgerald and Dr Sally Hoban, and archivist Father Peter Phillips.
# 2016 Quidenham Convent, the owners of the Margaret Rope archive, ask for the Margaret Agnes Rope Papers (held till now in trust by Birmingham Museum) to be transferred to the new Kesgrave Archive.
# 2016 The Rope Family Trust agrees to donate office space at its complex at Kesgrave in Suffolk to house a Margaret Rope Archive
# 2016 BBC TV produces a 15-minute documentary about Margaret, broadcast in September.
# 2016 Arthur Rope publishes his book ‘Margaret Rope Of Shrewsbury’, a photo-catalogue of virtually all her known works.
# 2016 The ‘Shrewsbury Margaret Rope Town Trail’ by Lyn Leach & Rosemary Thornes is produced
# 2016 In May, Yale Books publishes ‘Arts & Crafts Stained Glass’ by Peter Cormack, as the definitive work on the subject. Margaret Rope is featured in it.
# 2015 Arthur Rope publishes a Wikipedia page on Margaret Agnes Rope
# 2015 ‘Celebrating Margaret Rope’, a web-blog commenting on all aspects of Margaret Rope’s life, edited by Mark Stewart, starts up. It continues to publish regular articles to this day.
# 2015 Roger Hall’s booklet, ‘Letting in the Light of Christ’ about Margaret’s seven windows in Shrewsbury Cathedral, gets an (updated) reprint.

St Winefride cartoon from Holywell

# 2015 Some works by Margaret Rope are rediscovered. One is a glass panel at a house in Shropshire, and one is a cartoon of her St Winefride window (see pic right), found at the Holywell Shrine in N Wales
# 2014 Shrewsbury Museum agrees to work with Mark Stewart and the Margaret Rope Appreciation Group to create an exhibition about the life & work of Margaret Rope
# 2014 Pieces by Margaret come up at Christie’s for auction. They are bought by the New York Metropolitan Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum
# 2013 Margaret Rope’s name is submitted for a BBC Radio series on ‘unregarded women’; and, subsequently, a profile is broadcast on Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ programme.
# 2013 Mark Stewart, an amateur enthusiast for Margaret Rope’s work, writes an article for a Shropshire magazine, ‘Why is Margaret Rope so Neglected – except by Americans?’
# 2010 A postgraduate student at York University produces a thesis on the life of Margaret Rope
# 2010 The booklet ‘Margaret Rope’s Celebration of the Martyrs’ is published by Tyburn Convent
# 2009 Archivist Father Peter Phillips publishes his monograph ‘A Family Recorded in Glass: The Windows of Margaret Rope in Shrewsbury Cathedral’ in the Midland Catholic History Bulletin
# 2008 To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Shrewsbury Cathedral, art-historian Peter Cormack gives a lecture in Shrewsbury about the windows in the cathedral made by Margaret Rope.
# 2006 A parishioner & art-history enthusiast at Shrewsbury Cathedral, Roger Hall, publishes a booklet, ‘Letting in the Light of Christ’, the first ‘deep’ interpretation of the meanings in Margaret’s seven windows in the building.
# 2002 Arthur publishes all that he has researched, in the form of the Margaret Ropes website
# 1999 Arthur Rope, a cousin of Margaret Agnes Rope, does a tour of the UK seeking out and photographing many of her windows. Using family oral sources, some documents kept by the family, and by talking to specialist scholars, he is able to compile the first in-depth account of her life & a catalogue of her works.
# 1985 Art-historian Peter Cormack mounts the ‘Women Stained Glass Artists of the Arts & Crafts Exhibition’ – in which Margaret is featured.
1953 Death of Margaret Agnes Rope (Sister Margaret of The Mother of God) at Quidenham Convent (Norfolk).

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